Launching Ceremony of crab vessel SBA04 and SBA07

On April 03 and 05, 2020, Ha Long Shipbuilding Company organized the Launching ceremony of two 15-meter crab vessel SBA04 and SBA07 for SBA owner.

This is a mini-sized offshore vessel which belongs to the latest generation, equipped with modern fishing and storage crab equipment. This vessel can be exploited in the harshest climates at the sea of Scottish. Its length is 15m, width is 7m and extend the hold space up to 43 cubic metres.

Following the successful cooperation in the project of SBA01 vessel, exporting to Canadian customers, Vietnam Shipbuilding Engineering JSC. has provided the entire workshop design for these projects as well as 19 m fishing vessels and 37m of SBA under construction at Ha Long shipyard.

Pictures of launching SBA 04 vessels by Ha Long Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

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